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Understanding the most common air conditioning issues might give you some sense of confidence about the AC repair process. One of the most common issues is a refrigerant leak. Continue reading to learn more about diagnosing an air conditioner refrigerant leak and the potential cost of repairing the problem.

What is Air Conditioner Refrigerant?

Air conditioner refrigerant is a chemical that takes a liquid or gaseous state to transfer heat out of and deliver cold air back into the area. If there’s a leak in the system or no refrigerant at all, the AC won’t be able to cool coming into your home. 

Signs of an AC Refrigerant Leak

There are some telltale signs of an AC refrigerant leak. These include:

  • Unexpected increase in cooling cost: If there isn’t the right amount of refrigerant, your AC unit will work harder to cool down your home, resulting in higher electricity bills.
  • Air coming out of the vents isn’t cold: If there is little to no refrigerant, your system will lose its capacity to cool a space. When this happens, you might hear the unit running and feel the air being sent through the vents. However, that air won’t be cool.
  • Increased indoor humidity: Without refrigerant, the temperature indoors will be higher, which means increased humidity will follow shortly.
  • Hissing sound coming from the outdoor unit: If your outdoor unit is hissing, it’s likely releasing air, which means that there’s probably a leak somewhere in the system.
  • Low airflow throughout the home: Refrigerant plays a significant role in creating the necessary cool air to reach your desired temperature. Without the proper amount of refrigerant, your HVAC unit will be unable to pump out the same amount of air.

Repairing AC Refrigerant Leak

The repair required to deal with a refrigerant leak might include repairing or replacing the line where the leak is, as well as recharging the unit. Recharging the AC is when a technician adds additional refrigerant to your HVAC unit and pressurizes the chemical to make sure it operates smoothly in your unit. This work must be completed by a certified technician, per Environmental Protection Agency regulations.

Cost of Repairing AC Refrigerant Leak

Depending on the nature of the leak and the amount of work required to repair it, the costs to repair an AC refrigerant leak can vary. Repairing the leak can cost between $200 and $1500 while recharging the AC can cost between $250 and $750.

Hiring the Right People

Hiring the right people can save you time and money by getting it done correctly. At Sky Air and Heat, you can rest assured that all aspects of the repair will be done correctly. We strive to make things are easy, affordable, timely and performed to the highest standards in the industry. We can also have a technician come to your home the same day you call us. Contact us to schedule an appointment.