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Heating Repair Services Las Vegas, NV

We all know how deceptively cold the winters can get in Las Vegas, those windy Decembers, and those brisk Januarys that feel like you are in the snowy white north. When the cold temps come barreling down in the valley, you better be sure your home heater is up to the task of keeping you and your family comfortable. 

Imagine it’s your first cold day in Las Vegas for the year – it sounds REAL NICE. You’re snuggled up in the sweater that still fits you from last year. While you and your loved ones cuddle up on the couch to watch a movie, one of the kids says, “it’s cold.” You hop up and turn on your central heater, but you are met with silence, no fan, no warmth. Only the sad feeling that you are about to fork over a heap of cash for the worst flex of all time, an air conditioner & heater repair.

Heating Repair & Replacement

At Sky Air and Heat, we keep our customers happy and comfy by ensuring their heating units are running at full capacity with regular service. The Las Vegas environment can be incredibly detrimental to mechanical equipment, and home heating units are certainly not immune.

Our team of HVAC service experts is available 24/7 to repair or replace any or all parts of your home heating system. We only use the highest quality equipment and components to ensure your system is up and running efficiently, safely, and quickly. At Sky Air and Heat, we warehouse all the parts needed to make sure we can keep you warm and comfortable the same day you call us. 

We can almost always do system repairs on the spot, and we can complete total system replacements within 24 hours nearly every time. We have the team, the tools, and the expertise to keep you feeling amazing in your home. 

Our full-service heating maintenance includes:

  • Heat pump repairs
  • Heater replacements
  • Carbon Monoxide Screening
  • System Tests
  • Compression and parts analysis 
  • And much, much more\

Sky Air & Heat, Your HVAC Experts

So the next time you are reaching for that thermostat and the little voice in the back of your head says, “I hope this turns on.” you have two options:

  1. Thank yourself for calling Sky Air and Heat of Las Vegas 


2. Say a little prayer that your system will keep you warm through another winter. 

We’ve got you covered at Sky Air and Heat. Schedule an appointment today for all your heater repair, maintenance, and replacement needs, and be sure to “Stay comfy, Las Vegas.”